3 Ways to Replenish Your Energy

and boost your mood

Rachel Beohm


January sucks.

And I say that as someone who really looks forward to getting back into a routine and doubling down on goals and intentions after the fun, chaos, and self-indulgence that mark the last six weeks of the year. It’s a relief (for me, at least) to leave that behind and return to focus and productivity. Getting stuff done feels GOOD. But it can also be hard.

And for many, the transition back to reality can suck the joy right out of life. I’ve heard January described as “one tough, long Monday” and January 24th has officially been designated the most depressing day of the year. Lovely.

Why is this month so hard? Three reasons:

First, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably facing dark, cold, dreary days without the festivities that lighten things up. Seasonal Affective Disorder can easily set in between the lack of sunlight/vitamin D and the natural desire to hibernate — i.e., you want to move around and deal with people as little as possible.

Second, you’re dealing with the effects of last month. Maybe you spent too much or ate too much. Maybe you’re missing family or remembering difficult moments. Bills roll in. Tax prep starts. Policies change in the office. There’s a lot to deal with this month.

Third, you might be feeling a lot of pressure to change or do better or be perfect. It’s a new year, after all! Live your best life. Be your best self. (Reminder: no one is their “best self” all the time.)

Any way you slice it, even though it may be fun, December takes a ton of energy. I don’t even celebrate the holidays, and yet there’s still shopping and crowds and parties and guests and cooking and baking and coming and going simply because everyone has time off. And energy doesn’t come out of nowhere. There’s a finite amount of energy in the universe — which means if you use some, you have to replenish it. You don’t have an endless supply within you.

So, if you’re not naturally energized by the return to reality and structure that January provides (like some of us weirdos are), what can you do to replenish your energy stores? And is there a way to do so without adding a bunch of extra stuff to your To Do list…



Rachel Beohm

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