People don’t feel seen, heard, understood, or loved until you communicate it.

Rachel Beohm
2 min readFeb 27, 2020


Do you know what it’s like to feel invisible? Or like no one really gets you? Most of my clients, friends, and family members know. I certainly have been in that dark, lonely place.

Or have you ever been exasperated by someone else (a teenager maybe?) crying out, “You just don’t understand!”?

Regardless of which side of the equation you’re on this time around, understanding must be communicated. It must be conveyed in a way the other person can grasp, and it must be accepted.

The next time someone says, “You don’t get me at all,” don’t heave a frustrated sigh and roll your eyes. Ask, “What don’t I get?” (without the snarky voice).

And the next time someone tries to show you that they care, in the awkward, clumsy, not-exactly-what-I-needed-right-now-thanks way they tend to do, take it to heart.

There are people who see you, hear you, understand you, and love you. Are you accepting the message? Don’t expect others to be mind readers or to speak your language exactly.

Communication means sending and receiving messages. Do your part on both ends.

Change your communication, change your life.

I’m Rachel Beohm, a writer, speaker, and coach. Through nonverbal communication, I empower clients to show up as their biggest, boldest selves.

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